We provide you with the knowledge!

1. We promise to provide you with the facts on the state, of the global water issues. The importance of your knowledge base can determine the health and well being for you and your family. We can no longer depend upon federal, state, or city municipalities to give us a 100% guarantee we have safe, healthy drinking water! The truth is, it's our responsibility!

2. We promise to consult and advise you on all possible options for you and your family's water purification needs. It doesn't matter if you buy a system from us or one of our competitors. There are several well manufactured home purification systems on the market, the most important thing is, get one installed ! Why the urgency? Since the " Fukushima nuclear disaster" that is still melting down, radio active isotopes have been found in the U.S. water supply all across our nation! Instead of informing the public of the true dangers of this, the environmental protection agency just raises safe radiation levels standards and says it to the public it's safe now? See video links for more information.

3. History has proven without a doubt, when special interest groups influence our government officials or institutions, the public safety is always compromised. What does this have to do with water? Chlorine and Sodium Fluoride are some of the most poisonous substances known to mankind! Never the less, it's a multi-billion dollar industry for the chemical manufactures, with our city and states their biggest clients!

4. Besides radiation, chromium 6, lead, mercury, chemicals, drugs, bacteria, fecal material, fraudulent bottled water claims and a list of toxins that are just to many and too hard to say, the ball is in your court. Now that you have been informed with some of the facts of the state our water supply. Does it make sense to look towards the future by becoming water independent? Please feel free to contact us for a free home water analysis! Let us show you the health benefits of having a "Alkaline Water Generator" for you home or business.

Mahalo Nui Loa,
Staff and Management Pure Water Hawaii

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